RHI – Renewable Heat Incentive


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The RHI scheme has been introduced to reward participants with extra income for producing heat through renewable energy sources. The scheme is similar to the Feed-in tariff scheme in place for the production of clean electricity, the differences being:

* The RHI scheme is funded by the Government, not the energy companies.

* That there is no ‘National grid for heat’, therefore importing and exporting payments of heat is irrelevant.

Almost anyone can qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive, from households to businesses, schools, hospitals and so on.

Installation any of the following technologies can qualify:

* Solar thermal

* Biomass

* Air Heat Pumps

* Ground and Water Source Heat Pumps

For further information and up to date tariff prices and periods, the following website provides in depth and accurate details of the incentive.


Alternatively, you could try this RHI calculator to find out how much you could earn through the installation of renewable heating.